Dr Kiran Visits The Flood Affected Victims At Yamuna Riverbed Slum Community

Dr Kiran Martin shares her experience visiting flood-affected victims at Yamuna Riverbed Community.

I returned from Boston in the early hours of Monday morning and went to the River Bed today. I was heartbroken at what I saw. The residents told me that they were not expecting the water to rise to such a high level, and they all ran to save their lives when the deluge came. All their belongings were swept away in the flood. They were sitting on folding beds given by us under temporary tents given by the government. I was told the tents would be dismantled this evening. Each of them had chosen a spot to build ramshackle huts once again.

As I walked through the area that had sticks and stones and garbage and hundreds of flies and women and children with conjunctivitis, I stopped everywhere and gave words of consolation and comfort. I promised groceries, clinics, tarpaulin sheets, utensils, clothes and all other essential items. Where else will they go for help but for Asha?

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