Education paves the way for a better tomorrow

Dr Kiran, “Imagine living in a house built on a drain made of plastic and haystacks, with no ventilation, sanitation, water or electricity and water pouring into the home during the monsoon season.

Tragically, this was Rahul’s reality growing up in Anna Nagar slum in Delhi.

We never had a door at the entrance of our shanty, we used a bed sheet as a curtain.

Rahul was an intelligent child and an active member of the Asha Bal Mandal (children’s group).

Everything changed in Grade 9 when he began to spend time in undesirable company. Once at the top of his class, Rahul now regularly missed class.

Eventually he left school and began working as a waiter in a college canteen.

Whilst working at the canteen, he saw many Asha students from slum colonies who were studying in the same college.

He came to his senses, and decided to seek readmission to school. Whilst this was a difficult process, he succeeded with the help of the Asha team. It now seemed as though his life was back on track.

But tragedy hit the family when Rahul’s father died after suffering from cancer. No longer a carefree student, the responsibility for his mother and 3 siblings was on Rahul’s shoulders.

With Asha’s support, Rahul secured a place at the prestigious Delhi University, and got enlisted in a BA Honours program in Political Science. Asha took care of his college tuition and all his college expenses.

He received opportunities to do Asha internships at international corporations.

Rahul graduated in 2015 and secured a job at a well known company called Visa Facilitation Services Global. He then moved to a National insurance company.

With his income, he was able to save enough money to build a home and provide for his family.

In 2018 Rahul fell in love with one of his colleagues, Kiran! They moved out of the slum into their own home.

Rahul is a wonderful Asha alumnus, making regular financial contributions from his income to Asha. What an incredible story! Redemption is always possible in the worst of circumstances. With love and encouragement. Many young people living in the slums now receive inspiration from Rahul!”

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