From Adversity to Ambition: Nancy’s Journey of Hope and Empowerment

Living in a small, rented house in the Peeragarhi slum, Nancy and her family faced daily struggles of water scarcity, overcrowded community toilets, and leaky roofs during the rainy season. Nancy's father, who had moved to Delhi from UP, works as a labourer, and her mother is a domestic help. As the eldest daughter, Nancy shouldered the responsibility of caring for her two younger siblings alongside her studies. However, her father's drinking habits created an environment that left no room for her to concentrate. During these trying times, Nancy discovered solace and support at the Asha Center. She found a peaceful space to study there, and soon, her siblings joined her, benefiting from the centre’s educational resources and engaging activities. Despite the serious ailment of her father, who was diagnosed with damaged lungs due to alcohol abuse, Nancy persevered in her studies. She achieved an impressive 85% in the 12th class. Financial insecurities arose as her father could no longer work, and her mother's earnings were redirected towards medical expenses. She remembers with gratitude how Asha's unwavering support helped the family to cope with the situation. Asha's education team and the Ambassadors at Peeragarhi supported her preparation and in appearing for the CUET. As she cleared the CUET, they helped her to get admission to Aryabhatta College for a bachelor's degree in political science. She is ever grateful for the financial and emotional support she received from the Asha family to fulfil her dreams of higher education.

Driven by her transformative experience, Nancy has become an active Asha ambassador. She dedicates her free time to teaching young children in her slum and spending quality time with the abandoned elderly. Nancy's tale testifies to the profound impact of Asha's engagement in nurturing the aspirations of young students in the slums and helping them to break the shackles of poverty through the powerful tool of education.

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