From Desolation to Family: The Unwavering Love of the Asha Team

In the depths of Chanderpuri slum, a very frail 75-year-old Savitri, unable to do much physical activity, living alone in chanderpuri slum. 75 -year-old Savitri is a native of Haryana. She married very young and came to chanderpuri with her husband. However, tragedy struck relentlessly, shattering her world. First, she lost her elder son to the heart-wrenching flames of communal violence. As she struggled to heal from this unbearable loss, tragedy struck once more, robbing her youngest son in a tragic accident. With no one left to care for her, her daughter-in-law callously abandoned her, moving away with her son. Savitri found herself in a heart-wrenching state of despair and helplessness. A glimmer of hope emerged when the Asha team in Chanderpuri learned about Savitri's plight. With compassion as their guiding light, the Mahila Mandal and Bal Mandal, alongside Asha warriors, rallied to offer her help. They became her unwavering support system, ensuring she had food on her plate and providing vital medication and supplements for her deteriorating health. Even during the depths of the Covid pandemic, as the world shut its doors, the Asha team remained steadfast in their commitment to Savitri's well-being. Ration kits, medicines, financial assistance, and regular visits became her lifelines, connecting her with compassion and care. Through tears of gratitude, Savitri finds solace by reminding herself that the Asha team, who have embraced her as their own, are the family she thought she had lost forever. Their unwavering dedication and love have been the balm to her wounds, reminding her that a ray of light can emerge amidst the darkest shadows.

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