From Struggles to Blessings: Geeta’s Journey of Motherhood with Asha’s Support

Ms Geeta, a native of Bihar, got married at 17 and lived with her husband and in-laws in the village. Her life has been marred by hardship and mistreatment by her in-laws for not conceiving a child. Geeta and her husband, determined to escape their ill-treatment, fled to Delhi in 2016 and found refuge near the Mayapuri Railway line.

When she discovered the nearby Asha clinic, she saw an opportunity to share her struggles and seek guidance. The Asha team listened to her issues and accompanied her to Deen Dayal Hospital for vital check-ups. After two months of dedicated treatment, she conceived, and the Asha team stood with her on her journey of motherhood. They provided essential antenatal care, ensuring her well-being throughout the pregnancy. Geeta was blessed with a baby girl and, two years later, another girl. After her second delivery, she went to her maternal home. When she returned, the Asha team noticed her frailty and anaemia. They nurtured her, offering nutritional supplements while caring for children to prevent malnourishment. As Geeta became pregnant for the third time in 2021, it was identified that she was carrying two babies; overwhelmed with worry, she wondered how she could manage with two small children already in her care. However, the Asha team became her pillars of strength, instilling confidence and assuring her of their unwavering support. They continued to provide comprehensive antenatal care, and she gave birth to a boy and a girl. The four children and the mother regularly attend the Asha clinic receiving essential health care. Geeta expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the Asha team at Mayapuri for the support and care she received to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother.

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