Journey of Harshit with Asha

Harshit and Harsh are twins, sons of a family living in Chanderpuri slum colony. Their father came to the city out of  desperation for earning livelihood when the children were about 4 years of age. The family found a small piece of land in the east of Delhi next to a railway line. They built a small makeshift hut with whatever material they could lay hand on. His father had to struggle to find a menial job, but he ensured that Harsh and Harshit enrol in a government-run school.

The turning point in Harshit ‘s life came when he walked into the Asha Centre when he was just 15. He could not believe his eyes when he realized there was a quiet place for him to study. Through his hard work and his journey with Asha, he was able to find a place in one of the toughest and most competitive programs at Delhi University, a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering. He did his internship at SMEC and Macquarie Global Services during his graduation. Harshit is about to graduate in July 2019 and has been placed at a renowned Indian company called Wipro through campus interviews. Harshit would like to do his Masters in Electronic Engineering in the near future.

Harshit is a wonderful Asha Ambassador, having transformed the lives of many students in and around Chanderpuri. He is a mentor to one of the Asha students, Suman.

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