Labourer’s son from the slums secures a seat in Delhi University

Dr Kiran: “Roshan’s father was a landless labourer in the state of Bihar and was forced to move to Delhi in search of work. The family moved to Kalkaji slum colony where they had to rent a shanty, such was their poverty.

Roshan would wake up early in the morning to help his mother with her household chores and help get his siblings dressed for school. He would study late into the night.

Both his parents have lost their jobs during the pandemic. “There have been days when there hasn’t been a single grain at home. I have studied through my hunger pangs, because I have a passion for learning. My parents have suffered a lot, and I want to help them lead a better life.” says Roshan.

He has just found a place at Delhi University through Asha, and will read English and History.

Way to go Roshan! We are proud of you!”

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