No one except Asha has helped me: 80-year-old Kanta Devi

80-year-old Kanta Devi, who once had a family and was well settled is now surviving at the mercy of her neighbours. Her destiny brought her to the Kalkaji Slum colonies 30 years ago.

She resided in one of the colonies of Delhi. She too had a small family. Her day started with sending off her two little children to school and her husband to the office. But her life took a turn and she lost everything. In an accident, she lost her husband and children. Tragically followed soon after by her parents. Kanta was the only child. Now she had no one to take care of her.

Kanta was left alone, distraught and helpless. Life became difficult for her, so she moved to the Kalkaji slum colony. Kanta built her small shanty in the corner of the slum but there was no electricity and water connection. This forced her to live on the street.

Today a 6 by 2 feet public bench is what she calls her home. Her home includes just a dirty blanket and a few water bottles. She cries silently when she thinks about her family. Kanta had a perfect family then. But as they say it, life is uncertain!



It was then that the Asha staff found her and learnt about her difficulties. The Mahila Mandal (Women’s Group) and Bal Mandal (Children’s group) regularly provided her with some food. Asha team provided her with medicines and supplement and looked after her medical needs.

When the Covid pandemic struck, it became more difficult for her to survive. The Asha team did not forget her even during the lockdown and through Asha Warriors immediately rushed to her aid. Asha has been providing her continuously with ration and made sure that her neighbours cook and provide her with 3 times meal. An Asha warrior has been attached with her to emotionally support. Now, every day she looks forward to the Asha Warrior’s visit. The Women Association members take turns to give her a bath and get her clothes washed.

“I have no-one yet Asha team helped me like a family member. No one except Asha has bothered for this poor lady. Thank you very much,” says Kanta with tears in her eyes.

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