Pursuing a childhood dream of higher education

Dr Kiran: ”This is the story of a girl called Sehra, who was born and raised in extreme poverty. She now lives in Zakhira slum colony. Her father makes plastic bags, earning US$ 68 a month with the responsibility of feeding a family of 8. Sehra spoke of her many struggles including going hungry for days at a time. She once fell terribly ill because she the water she drank in her slum community was dirty. Her father had to take large loans from a money lender to get her treated, and is still in debt.

Sehra was introduced to Asha through her older sister Zohra. Zohra has been a member of the Asha family for some time now. She is currently in her final year at Delhi university, reading Economics and English. She is one of Asha’s finest ambassadors and Corona Warriors.

Sehra says of her sister Zohra, “ My sister is my role model and inspiration in life. I look at my sister’s life and see the change Asha has brought about in her.

When I became associated with Asha, I realized that as a girl, I have the right to get a good education. I have also seen that the girls who are associated with Asha are much more confident, ambitious, and independent than the others.”

Sehra would study in the quiet study spaces at the Asha centre in her community. She found it nearly impossible to study at home that was just one small room occupied by 9 people.

The story ends( and begins) with a wonderful piece of news. Sehra has scored 81% in her high school National exam!

Sehra would like to study Economics and Political Science at Delhi University.

“Asha’s unconditional love and support have given me this wonderful success” says Sehra.

And it is of course a testament to her own hard work and determination.

Asha will be with her all the way through the admissions process to Delhi University and beyond. Asha thanks every member of the global Asha family for making this possible for Sehra and hundreds of other young girls like her. You are not only transforming the lives of individuals, but those of entire families and communities, changing generational deeply entrenched attitudes about the education of young girls.

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