Reflections on Leadership: Dr Kiran

Dr Kiran: 'Today, I want to share with you some reflections on Leadership, and the types of leadership that
are helping us to successfully strategize, implement, and see the impact of our efforts on Asha communities, especially during this pandemic.

I truly believe that the effectiveness of our efforts is directly attributable to the strength of our leadership.

Talent and skill among leaders is very important. But, the most important demonstrations of our leadership qualities are the ways in which we love, we serve, and our authenticity, solidity, and personal substance.

Our leadership calls for loving attention to every member of the team, their nature, their gifts, their needs, and their motivations. They are precious people, and they must be given full support, and shown kindness at all times. Their problems must be listened to and heard with empathy. Each team member must be affirmed and appreciated. As Asha leaders, we must create an environment of safety and security for each team member. An atmosphere of trust creates wonderful bonds between co-workers. There is then no room for politics or gossip.

We must necessarily lead by example, demonstrating compassion and courage in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

Boundless energy, passion, and an optimism rooted in reality will gain leaders many supporters who when empowered, will carry Hope and Asha, to the farthest corners of every Asha community.'

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