Sarita learns to empower herself one step at a time

Sarita came to Anna Nagar nine years ago from her maternal home Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh after her marriage. Her husband Praveen works as a peon in a nearby office. She remembers her early days, filled with unpleasantness as she could not adjust in tiny congested lanes of her slum community. For her to get accustomed to using a community bathroom was of primary difficulty.

It was a year of isolation before she visited Asha centre to get her checkup done for her first pregnancy. The team checked her properly and suggested her nutritional diet, proper exercise, and routine checkups. The team leaders at Asha motivated her to join the Asha’s Women Association. Initially, Sarita was very hesitant to attend the weekly meetings but Menna, Asha’s C.H.V encouraged her from time to time. Slowing, she started attending meetings of Mahila Mandal and their activities. The motivational sessions generated her curiosity to know more about Delhi and her surroundings. It was the first time for her to ever step out of her slum when she visited the red fort with the Mahila Mandal.

Soon being a part of Women Association, Sarita’s life decisions and experiences transformed her drastically. Currently, the 29-year-old Sarita has gained the trust of her community members and the families living in her lane acknowledge her leadership qualities and her dedication to resolving issues in her community all by herself. The significant effect of being a member of the women association has helped her to conquer different trials and tribulations in her personnel life too. Her family acknowledges her role in her mother in law treatment for depression. Sarita says “being part of women’s association has given her wings to fly”.

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