Team from BHP Billiton visit Asha

On 17 April, 2015 Asha organised a visit for members from a leading Australian Global resource company, BHP Billiton. Mr Anoop Kapoor, Financial Coordinator, along with Ms Richa Arora and Ms Jyoti Dhir visited Asha headquarters. Mr Kapoor and Mr Vikram Wahi, CEO BHP Billiton, had interacted with Asha’s Associate Director, Mr Freddy Martin and Programme Manager, Ms Kiran Gera earlier this year. Taking the relationship forward, they showed interest in visiting Asha so as to understand the work in a better way.

Followed by a brief orientation at the Asha headquarters, the team was accompanied to Asha center in Kanak durga slum colony. An overview of Asha’s work was discussed during the interaction and students across the community shared their experiences of College and internships with leading companies. “I want to join the police forces when I grow up,” shared an Asha student amidst the gathering. She also shared that inspite of all the obstacles she has faced so far, today she is able to attend College and excel in her studies. Children from the Bal Mandal (Children’s group) also discussed their contribution in Asha programmes and stated the relevance of Asha Values in their lives.


Mr Anoop Kapoor, Ms Richa Arora and Ms Jyoti Dhir with Ms Kiran Gera interacting with the students at Kanakdurga center

Asha’s Healthcare Programme was also discussed at length including the involvement of Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), their role in the community and the improvement that has been noted over the years.


A Community Health Volunteer explaining the Healthcare kit and its use in the community

The BHP Billiton team was also accompanied for a walk through the slum community to provide them with a better picture of the area of Asha’s work. They visited some houses to interact with the community women and observed the living conditions.


Ms Arora and Ms Dhir interacting with a community woman

Having a fair idea of Asha’s efforts at the grassroots, Mr Kapoor showed interest in the Mentorship programme and was keen to assist students with their studies.

We are grateful to Mr Anoop Kapoor and his team for taking out time and visiting us. We look forward to future associations.

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