Team from Monash University volunteers at Jeewan Nagar slum colony

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia sent out a team comprising 10 post-graduate students and teachers to volunteer at Asha’s Jeewan Nagar slum colony for one week in February. Last year, when the team visited Jeewan Nagar for the first time, they were able to form lasting bonds with the community. And indeed, this was evident in the way which the community welcomed them with open arms.

The Team with Asha Supervisor, Ms Sweeta Jacob on their first day at Asha

This was the team’s second visit to Asha and, under the leadership of Ms Rhian Adlam (Campus Development Officer at Monash University), they taught English and crafts to Children. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their classes and were able to learn many new skills within the short span of time.


Story telling session with Bal Mandal (Children’s Group) at Jeewan Nagar

To thank the team for their efforts and continued support, Asha hosted a Music Concert by Dr Kiran where the Deputy Australian High Commissioner joined us as one of the guests of honour. “We are honoured to be a part of the Asha family, and we look forward to coming back again year after year to receive those wonderful hugs [from the community].” remarked Rhian at the concert.


Ms Rhian Adlam addressing the audience at the Music Concert

On the whole, it was an absolute pleasure to once again welcome the team from Monash, and Asha looks forward to many such opportunities in future.

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