The adverse effects of COVID-19 in the slums

Dr Kiran- ”Dear friends, this incident throws light on the heartbreaking effects of Covid-19 in the slums.

A 16-year-old boy called Chand, living in an Asha slum called Kalkaji, was suffering from epilepsy and under treatment from a public hospital. Because the hospitals are not focusing on non-COVID patients, his parents could not take him for continued treatment. He had severe convulsions, and the family and Asha Corona Warriors made numerous calls to ambulance services as well as the police. No one came. The boy breathed his last in front of everyone. The mother’s sobs were uncontrollable. They did not have a single rupee at home to arrange for the burial. I was sent the news of this and immediately arranged for funds to be handed over to the family for the child’s burial. The Asha Team and Warriors were constantly with the family, offering consolation and comfort.”


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