Trinity visits Asha

What a joy it was for the children at Asha’s Zakhira centre to have a team of 12 students from Trinity College, University of Melbourne (Australia) volunteer for about 10 days, starting from 13th January.

After a brief orientation at the head office, the Trinity team went to Asha’s Zakhira slum community. During their stay, the team painted the Asha centre with some beautiful murals, including a beautiful display of the Asha values and beautiful quotes. They involved the children and women in various activities such as painting, drawing, singing, dancing and some fun games.

The team also visited the homes of the slum dwellers and were in awe of listening to their life journey. Talking about their overwhelming experience at Asha, the team shared that they felt they received much more than they gave. “It has been an amazing two weeks with Asha. Being welcomed and immersed in the slum community was so heart-warming and eye-opening- it is one big family. Our experience at the Zakhira slum was unforgettable. We were all able to see the amazing way that Asha had helped so clearly- whether it be through the strengthening of the women’s group, the energy, and curiosity of the kids, or the overall feeling of joy that radiates from all the people here. Working with the kids was very enjoyable and all of us felt that we learned a whole heap from them,” Trinity team summed up their experience.

Thank you, Team Trinity, for your incredible work!

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