Zeenat: A Great example of practising ‘The Asha Way of Life.’

Love, care and humanity has no boundaries, understands every language and transcends all barriers.

Here is a beautiful and heart-touching story of Muneeza, a 70-year-old hearing and speaking impaired widow who was abandoned by her children and family and is looked by Zeenat, a member of the Asha Mahila Mandal at Chanderpuri Slum colony. Muneeza, unable to hear and speak since her birth, moved to Delhi after marriage along with her husband, where she worked as a domestic help in a nearby house, and her husband worked as a rickshaw puller. She communicated in her workplace with sign language. Her employers understood her and shared the bond of love and compassion with her which took care of the challenges. They lived in the Sonia Gandhi Camp slum colony before their shanty was destroyed and moved to the Chanderpuri. After her husband’s death, her children were unwilling to take care of her, and her elder daughter physically tortured her and threw her out of the house. The poor lady was living in distress, abandoned and uncared. Zeenat took her in her house and provided shelter, food, and basic needs. Zeenat and Muneeza, developed relationship of humanity and love which was more powerful than any formal relationship. She enrolled Muneeza in Asha’s Love and Lunch Geriatric feeding program. The Asha health team took care of her general health needs. Zeenat’s association with Asha has made her enlightened with Asha values and different ways to practice them. Muneeza is unable to express her feelings but the expression in her eyes say it all.

The Asha family feels so proud of Zeenat for being generous and kind and helping a needy woman on time! This is an example of how Asha values creates a beautiful world of joy, love and compassion demolishing all negative forces.

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