Short Video on Dr Kiran’s Visit to Zakhira Slum Community

It was a wonderful and blessed moment for everyone in the Asha slum at Zakhira when Dr Kiran paid a visit to the community. The Asha team and the community members warmly welcomed her as she met the children, women, youth and men. Dr Kiran talked to everyone individually and instantly created a bonding of warmth, affection and assurance.. Her presence mesmerized all those she met and made them comfortable, and they felt touched as they narrated their life stories to Dr Kiran. The spontaneous emotional connect was evident as she hugged the young children, including toddlers, embraced the women, blessed the young adults to dream big, and connected with the men and related to their day-to-day challenges. She also enquired from everybody about their health and wellbeing.

As Dr Kiran washed the feet of elderlies in the community, she reflected on their suffering as they were forbidden and forsaken in their life. Tears rolled down their eyes as they were overwhelmed with emotions. Dr Kiran demonstrated the power of love and compassion in caring for the elderly in the spirit of servanthood. This was a memorable day for everyone in the slum community, and Dr Kiran set an example for others to follow.

Here is the link for the video:


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