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Deakin University visits Asha

On January 09, 2019, a team from Deakin University, Melbourne visited Asha. The team was provided with an orientation at the Asha Headquarters, explaining them about the work of Asha and the transformation that has taken place in the last 30 years. They then headed to Jeevan Nagar slum community, where they were warmly welcomed…
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Team from Monash University volunteers at Jeewan Nagar slum colony

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia sent out a team comprising 10 post-graduate students and teachers to volunteer at Asha’s Jeewan Nagar slum colony for one week in February. Last year, when the team visited Jeewan Nagar for the first time, they were able to form lasting bonds with the community. And indeed, this was evident in the…
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