From Despair to Hope: Rohtash’s Journey with Asha

Tears rolled down Rohtash's face as he spoke, his voice choked with emotion. "The Asha family has become a new home for me," he said, his words trembling with gratitude and pain. "I never thought that my family members would abandon and cheat me like this at this age, and Asha will become a home…
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Empowering Health in the Slums: Lalta Prasad’s Journey with Asha

Lalta Prasad, a native of UP, has been a resident of the Kusumpur Pahari slum for the last 40 years. In 2012, he unexpectedly lost his job as an office assistant at Corporate House in BPL. With two children to support, life became challenging, especially after Lalta underwent a lung operation in 1995, leading to…
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