From Despair to Hope: Rohtash’s Journey with Asha

Tears rolled down Rohtash's face as he spoke, his voice choked with emotion. "The Asha family has become a new home for me," he said, his words trembling with gratitude and pain. "I never thought that my family members would abandon and cheat me like this at this age, and Asha will become a home for me."
Rohtash, a sixty-one-year-old COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patient, lives in the Tigri community. Born in Uttar Pradesh, he migrated to Delhi with his family during childhood to have a better life. However, fate had other plans. Initially employed as an MCD sweeper on contract, Rohtash faced a significant setback in 2022 when he became half paralyzed, subsequently developing Asthma and Hypertension. These health complications rendered him incapable of continuing his job, compelling him to resign. Unable to work, he had no means to support himself. His elder sister came forward, promising to care for him and his mother. Trusting her, they moved in, but their hope turned to despair as her sister started misbehaving with him, to the extent of locking him up for days, giving him limited food, abusing him and not letting him talk to anyone in the community. She also stopped getting rohtash medicines for Asthma and Tuberculosis.
When Asha CHVs were visiting homes in their lane while doing regular surveys, they heard of Rohtash's plight. Immediately, the team rushed to help him start his proper medical treatment for COPD and enrolled him in the 'Love & Lunch' Asha geriatric feeding programme, where the abandoned and poor elderlies in the Asha slums are served nutritious meals six days a week at every Asha Centre, creating a homely atmosphere. Through consistent medical treatment and access to nutritious meals, Rohtash has experienced notable improvements in his mental and physical well-being.
During his time at the Asha Center, Rohtash has imbibed Asha's value, which he actively applies by assisting others in various capacities. For example, he assists in transporting patients to the Asha Center and hospital, contributing positively to the welfare of his community.


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