Shimla’s Journey: Overcoming Health Challenges with Asha’s Support

Shimla from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, and her husband, a daily wage labourer, moved to Kusumpur Pahari two years ago for better opportunities. Shimla's husband, often away from work, couldn't provide the support she needed, especially during her pregnancy. Residing in Kusumpur Pahari slum has its own challenges– the absence of a reliable water source is a significant challenge. With only a water tanker arriving every 15 days for daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and bathing became arduous chores. Shimla found herself burdened with responsibilities and devoid of proper care and attention during her pregnancy. As her pregnancy progressed, her condition deteriorated, resulting in her Preterm pre-labour rupture of membranes prematurely. When Asha's community health volunteer learned of this case, she immediately rushed to intervene. Shimla was accompanied to the hospital, where her child was delivered prematurely at 1.6kg. After the mother and the baby were discharged, Asha's team ensured regular postnatal care, vaccinations, and vitamin supplements, as well as monitoring for both mother and baby. Today, more than seven months later, a beautiful child named Bhumi, by her parents, weighs 5.3 kg. However, less than the ideal weight for her age, she has come a long way from a meagre 1.5 kg to 5.3 kg, making healthy progress under the careful eyes of Asha's Healthcare Programme.


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