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How Asha’s Care Transformed Shanti’s Health and Hope

Shanti, a fifty-year-old woman from Up, has been living in Ekta Vihar slum community for thirty-five years. Married at 10, she and her husband moved from Gorakhpur to Delhi for a better life. When her husband faced a mental health crisis, she became the sole caregiver for over seventeen years. The loss of her husband…
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“Asha’s Love and Lunch: Majeed’s Journey from Loneliness to Happiness”

Majeed, a seventy-eight-year-old man from Seelampur slum community left helpless and alone after his wife's passing and abandoned by his sons, found solace in Asha's 'Love and Lunch' program. Initially isolated and depressed, he was convinced by Asha's CHV, Praveen, to join the program, where he found a community filled with positivity and Joy. Now,…
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