Finding Family in Asha: A Journey from Loneliness to Renewed Hope

I am Mary, a 67-year-old woman living in the Kanak Durga slum colony. I came to Delhi with my husband long back, seeking a better life. Unfortunately, my husband passed away 15 years ago, leaving me alone with my small child without any resources to face the harsh reality of the ruthless world. I worked as a housemaid to support my family, but my income was too little, and there was constant financial struggle.

Despite the challenges, I took the best care of my only child, gave him education , and often starved myself so that he could go to bed with stomach full. However, life took a painful turn when my only child abandoned me for greener pastures in Bangalore, leaving me all alone when I needed him the most. Facing a dire situation, without anyone to listen to the story of an elderly widow and almost fighting a lost battle for survival, the Asha team came to my life with a ray of hope amidst the dark clouds of suffering and hopelessness.

Since then, I've found a new family at the Asha Centre. They give me delicious, healthy meals daily, provide me with healthcare services to treat my medical problems with love and compassion, and, most importantly, take care of my loneliness and desperation. My own child may have abandoned me, but in Asha, I have found a family who has made me look forward to life with renewed vigour and brought back the joy of living. I know that. I'm not alone anymore. I'm grateful and feel blessed for having such a wonderful Asha family.


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