Practicing Gratitude at Asha’s Dr Ambedkar Basti Slum Community

The sweeper of Dr Ambedkar Basti where people from the untouchable caste live, comes to clean our Centre everyday. Yesterday, the warriors and team suddenly said to her that they would be doing all the cleaning while she just relaxed. They said to her that they wanted to express gratitude to her for all her…
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Practicing Gratitude in Asha slum communities

Hello everyone, Here’s a beautiful story to share with you. Dr Alka is the Medical Officer in charge of a government health center in Peeragarhi. The entire Asha team and volunteers expressed their Gratitude to her for constantly collaborating with Asha in various health care programs. She was absolutely delighted, and relationships were strengthened like…
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Asha Graduate Anju shares her journey with Asha

The wonderful story of Anju’s journey from a life of poverty in Asha’s Tigri slum to a smart executive at an Australian corporate firm. Anju is another young post-graduate from Asha’s Tigri Slum community. She narrates her story in her own words tracing her journey from the dark, narrow lanes of Tigri to a better…
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