Mayapuri Celebration: A Vibrant Tapestry of Joy, Unity, and Gratitude

We had a wonderful celebration in one of our slum communities called Mayapuri. We had a beautiful colorful marquee, a nice stage, and lots of floral decorations.

Dr John Peteet, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard, was our Chief Guest. He gave a beautiful speech. I made bilingual remarks since there was a huge crowd from the communities. Louanne Hempton, Mark Baines, Dr Dick Hogben, Asha student Jaisika spoke as well.

The Asha Way of Life was read in English and Hindi with candles. There were lots of lovely colorful dances by children and young people of Asha communities.
Founder was honored by Mayapuri's oldest CHV Prema, while those who had been serving at Asha for 20 years or longer were also honored.

Prerna Dr Kiran's daughter and son-in-law Adi flew in all the way from LA and gave us a surprise! You cannot imagine how thrilled she was. And what's more, Adi's parents also flew in from Chennai specially for this occasion.
There was lots of good food and free-style Bollywood dancing on the dance floor at the end. What an indescribably beautiful day. Never have we had such a big celebration in an Asha community.

Thanks to everyone who came and made the Asha community members feel so special and loved.



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