Asha graduate Tushar awarded the Gold Medal for Student of the Year

Hello folks, Asha student Tushar begins his Masters in International Relations from University of Sydney ( online from India for now) on August 2nd. He will need our support and good wishes as he begins his journey. And there’s some wonderful news! He was awarded the Gold Medal for Student of the Year from his…
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Asha students in slums begin their online internships with Macquarie Group

Hello friends, Macquarie Group initiated a virtual Community Internship Program for our students, thanks to high speed internet in many of our communities. To give you an idea, some of the areas of learning cover – business overview – banking fundamentals – computer software skills – basic email writing and communication – interview skills and…
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Asha graduate Usha speaks at zoom webinar organized by Friends of Asha-Australia

[embed][/embed] Friends of Asha-Australia organized a zoom webinar to host Dr Kiran Martin and Asha graduate Usha on 6th July, 2021. Here is a video where Asha graduate Usha shared first-hand accounts from slum residents during the webinar and detailed the interventions Asha is making to save lives in communities during this pandemic. This online…
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