In the celebration of Asha’s remarkable 35-year journey

The spotlight shines on Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) as vital catalysts in providing equitable healthcare to slum residents.
Asha has trained these women's who live in slums to work as Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). Their regular visits to monitor the health of communities, focusing on pregnant women, children under five, elderly, and T.B. patients, have transformed health programs and shifted ownership to the communities they serve. Soni is among the Community Health Volunteers (CHV) from the Ekta Vihar community who was Born and raised in Delhi and pursued education until the 9th grade. Since birth, Soni had a Chronic Venous Insufficiency, impacting her ability to walk properly. In 2004, she got married, and the couple had three boys. Soni faced challenges in her livelihood as her husband was an alcoholic and unemployed, but despite the problems, she managed to give their children a good education.
In 2021, Soni found a new purpose when she joined Asha as a Community Health Volunteer (CHV) and a member of the Women's Association. Through vigorous training, she quickly grasped medical knowledge, learning about vaccination, diseases, and the importance of women's and children's health.
Asha's values empowered Soni, who, despite her limited education, dedicated herself to ensuring her children received the education she couldn't. As a CHV, she actively participated in her community, utilizing her knowledge to make a positive impact.

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