Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha Corona Warrior Neha from Jeevan Nagar recounts volunteering in her slum community during the lockdown

The Prime Minister of Denmark HE Lars Lokken Rasmussen wrote this after his visit to Jeevan Nagar slum community and to Neha’s home:

There are as many smart heads here in one of Delhi's slums, Jeevan Nagar, as anywhere else. These young people need ′′ just ′′ a little more help to exploit their skills and move forward in life. The ASHA Society helps them with that. Madhu Yadav on the right here in the picture was told by her father she was getting married when she turned 18 But ASHA helped her convince the family she should be allowed to continue her studies. She did. And now she is also a student assistant at the Danish embassy in Delhi with Anju Rani and Chandan Singh.

I also visited Neha Bharti at home. They live seven people on something that must have been 20 square meters in everything - spread over two floors. But Neha is studying and fighting her way forward despite the fact that she is not quite as good at English as the other young people at the studio. I told her mother she must be proud of her daughter. It made her throw herself up and give me a huge hug. I take that as a big ′′ yea ′′

Without any comparison by the way, I know what it's like to be the first in the family to educate at the university. We have a duty to bring all young people along. They can do it - here in Delhi too. They just need a little more help.

Dr Kiran: "Neha is one of our finest Asha Corona Warriors and is learning English language verbal and written communication from a student who lives in New York. She was terrified of recording a video in English, but here she is! Way to go Neha! We are with you all the way."

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