Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha High Protein Powder helps malnutrion girls and women gain weight

The recipe for the Asha High Protein Powder developed by Asha GB (Great Britain) Board member, Amanda Clegg is successfully being fed to hundreds of women and girls suffering from malnutrition in various Asha slum communities.

The women and adolescent girls from our communities are enjoying the drink and have already begun to gain weight.

Women in the slums usually fall behind men in having access to food. Female illiteracy, poverty, and lack of empowerment are the major causes of malnutrition in women and adolescent girls. They have weaker control over the household resources, tighter time constraints, heavy work burdens, lack of attention, poorer mental health, and lower self esteem.

They therefore suffer from chronic energy deficit, anemia, and other micronutrient deficiencies.

The most widespread forms of micronutrient malnutrition are Iron, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Iodine deficiencies. Asha is providing these supplements to every woman registered on the program.

The Covid 19 pandemic has increased the food insecurity levels many fold, and along with the other factors described above, hundreds of women and adolescent girls have fallen into severe malnutrition.

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