Dr Kiran visits slum families located by the riverbed

Dr Kiran- ”My visit today was to a slum community of about 300 families located on the bed of the river Yamuna that flows through the eastern part of the city. The heat was scorching at 45 degrees C ( 113 deg F) and hot dust was flying everywhere. The Asha team led by Sweeta had just finished their baby clinic that was run in an open area surrounded by huts. They had distributed Child Nutrition Kits to all children between 1-3 years of age.

I was greeted with much warmth by the community and before I could even begin, they were all thanking me profusely for having sent them groceries and finances at a time when they said everyone had forgotten them. The huts are made of bamboo, sticks, tarpaulin and pieces of cloth. There are no bricks to be seen anywhere. No roads, no paths, no street lights. Hundreds of flies everywhere. Hundreds of mosquitoes at night. The area is surrounded by fields and grass. Snakes coming out of the grass and entering the huts is common. Families sleep outside at night. It’s impossible to sleep inside in the heat. The men are cycle rickshaw pullers or labourers. Work came to a halt on March 24.”


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