Neha’s Educational Journey in her own words

My name is Neha, and I am in my first year of a BA in Liberal Arts-History and Political Science at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. I live in VP Singh Camp, an area often overshadowed by hardship but brimming with resilience and hope.
My father's name is Shravan Kumar. He moved to Delhi with his parents nearly 30 years ago, searching for work and a better future. Our roots trace back to a humble village in Ayodhya, UP. My mother is a dedicated housewife, and my father works tirelessly as a labourer in a factory. He is the sole breadwinner for our family of seven, including my four sisters, my brother, and me, the eldest. My youngest sister is in class XII, poised on the brink of her own dreams.

My academic journey took a transformative turn when I became associated with Asha during my higher secondary classes. Asha's support was nothing short of a lifeline. They provided supplementary materials, mock tests, and coaching classes led by dedicated Asha student ambassadors. The study spaces and advanced IT lab at Asha’s Kalkaji centre offered the enabling environment that I sorely lacked at home. With their unwavering support, I successfully completed my class XII Boards and faced the daunting Common University Entrance Test (CUET) with confidence.

Securing admission to Jesus and Mary College was a dream come true. However, the financial burden of higher education cast a shadow over our joy. My parents, struggling to make ends meet, were reluctant to let me pursue college. But Asha stepped in once again, convincing my parents of the power of education and assuring them they would cover all my educational expenses, including college fees and other costs. Their belief in me gave me wings.

This year, my younger sister, also in class XII, has filled out the CUET entrance form. She dreams of attending a regular college and like me, is a proud member of the Asha family Recently, I faced a significant health challenge. I was hospitalised for two weeks with ascites, a condition that filled my stomach with fluid. It was a terrifying time, but my determination and the support of the Asha team and my family saw me through. I have since recovered and am back to my studies, preparing for my second-semester exams with renewed vigour.

The IT Lab at Asha’s Kalkaji centre continues to be a crucial resource for my college education. The advanced laptops and high-speed internet facilities are indispensable for completing my projects and assignments. In addition to my college studies, I am also pursuing a nursery teacher training course in Badarpur. Teaching is my passion, and I aspire to shape young minds and make a positive impact on their lives.

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