Monthly Archives: April 2022

Celebrating International Women’s Day across Asha Communities

Hello folks, Women’s International Day was celebrated with great joy across Asha communities everywhere on March 8. The women belonging to Women’s Associations all over Asha took this opportunity to appreciate the pivotal role of women in community development and encouraged each other for a better tomorrow. While in some slum communities, women decided to…
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Compassion in Healthcare and it’s Impact

Hello everyone, in this video I have spoken about the great importance of Compassion in Health Care and it’s wonderful outcomes in patients. There is a Compassion crisis in Healthcare systems worldwide. I have addressed the scientific basis of compassion and how it helps in health and healing. Here is a link to my video:…
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Dr Bhavdeep Gupta visits Asha

Hello everyone, we received our first visitor to Asha on 14th March after 2 years! Dr Bhavdeep Gupta is my friend from medical school days and now lives in the US. There was much joy as the Seelampur Team welcomed him with warmth, and shared their stories with him. We are hoping that you will…
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