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Darkness to Light: Jyoti’s Journey of Hope with Asha

In the heart of Dr Ambedkar Basti, a slum surrounded by the stark contrast of government offices and the posh localities of South Delhi, Jyoti found herself grappling with a life far removed from the dreams she had once cherished. At just twenty-three, Jyoti, a bright and educated graduate, was forced into a marriage with a man who did not share her educational background. Her husband, a part-time laborer, struggled to provide a stable income, and they settled into a one-room shanty where the harsh reality of poverty loomed large.

The early days of Jyoti’s married life were fraught with anxiety and despair. The weight of her circumstances bore heavily on her, and her health began to suffer. The relentless stress led to high blood pressure, and tragically, she experienced a miscarriage, casting a shadow over her hopes of motherhood. Each day seemed bleaker than the last, and Jyoti’s spirit waned under the pressure of her circumstances.

Just as Jyoti’s world seemed to close in around her, a ray of hope appeared in the form of Asha. The Asha team leader visited her home, extending a compassionate hand and inviting her to the center. For the first time in a long while, Jyoti felt a glimmer of comfort and belonging as she met other women facing similar struggles. The warmth and support she found at Asha began to mend her broken spirit.

Joining Asha’s Ladies Group, the Mahila Mandal, Jyoti started to reclaim her life. The meetings and activities became a source of solace and strength, gradually lifting the veil of anxiety that had clouded her days. Her emotional health improved, and she began to see life through a lens of hope and resilience. Jyoti discovered a sense of community that she had long yearned for, and with it, the courage to dream again.

In January 2023, Jyoti discovered she was pregnant again. The Asha Healthcare team immediately took her under their wing, registering her at a nearby government hospital and ensuring she received all necessary antenatal care at the Asha clinic. They monitored her health meticulously, providing regular supplements and necessary support, including dietary advice. When the time came for her delivery, an Asha Community Health Volunteer was by her side, offering comfort and reassurance, and accompanying her to the hospital.

In October 2023, Jyoti gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl weighing over three kilograms. The joy of holding her daughter was indescribable, a beacon of light after so much darkness. The Asha team continued their support with regular postnatal visits, ensuring both mother and child thrived. Jyoti’s heart swelled with gratitude for the Asha family. She knew that without their unstinted support and care, she might not have emerged from the depths of her anxiety or navigated the path to motherhood so successfully.

The Asha team had not only helped her bring a new life into the world but had also given her a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future. Jyoti’s story became a testament to the power of community and the indomitable human spirit. Through Asha, she learned that even in the darkest times, hope could be found, and with it, the strength to build a brighter future for herself and her daughter.


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