Inauguration of Asha’s Physiotherapy Center Brings Hope and Relief to Delhi’s slum community residents

Asha’s Physiotherapy Center at the Polyclinic was inaugurated by eminent orthopedic surgeon Dr Pradeep Sharma on May 30th, 2024. What a wonderful occasion, to be able to open such a center for the poor who have no money to go to a physiotherapy center in Delhi. Elderly patients with arthritis, spondylitis, spinal injuries, falls, fractures from osteoporosis, conditions due to a poor diet, post-surgery PT, hemiplegia, paraplegia, the list goes on. They had given up all hope, and are lying in bed, suffering silently in pain, and unable to perform their daily tasks.
The physiotherapy at Asha will be followed up with exercises at home and at the Asha clinics in their respective areas through the local Asha team. Such patients need a great deal of motivation and emotional support since physiotherapy can be a long drawn process that requires much discipline and determination. After inauguration, the center has already begun. Patients in acute pain are treated with machines in addition to medication. This is followed by an exercise regimen. The patients were filled with gratitude for this service, being provided with compassion and emotional support. It’s a free service, only for the very poor. Others who can afford to go to centers that charge, are not seen here.
Many Asha doctors, board members and volunteer physicians were present on this wonderful occasion, in addition to our entire health team. Friends of Asha from the US and UK also joined on Zoom.
Please encourage interested physiotherapists to come and volunteer! And do mobilize resources for this facility since everything is free! Thank you as ever for your generosity and your sharing of the vision.

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