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Asha distributes blankets to the elderly in the slums

Dr Kiran: 'Hello everyone, many thanks to all who have donated to Asha’s Care of the Elderly program coming up to Christmas. The elderly who are poor and abandoned in Asha communities need assistance at so many levels. They find it difficult to maintain their body temperature in the cold weather, particularly because they live…
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Asha CHV Prema from Mayapuri

Dr Kiran: 'Hello friends, here is a video of the story of Asha Community Health Volunteer Prema. Asha has trained hundreds of such women from their respective slum communities over the past 33 years. As a result of the comprehensive nature of Asha’s 3 tiered health care program, a few health stats for 2019/2020 are…
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Asha student Amritesh shares his extraordinary story

Dr Kiran: ‘This is a video of a remarkable story of a young man called Amritesh. Amritesh was a stutterer as a child, and experienced a great deal of trauma through his school years. He experienced helplessness, fear, and shame. He was constantly bullied at school, and resorted to avoidance. Many stutterers do not get…
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