Asha CHV Prema from Mayapuri

Dr Kiran: 'Hello friends, here is a video of the story of Asha Community Health Volunteer Prema. Asha has trained hundreds of such women from their respective slum communities over the past 33 years.

As a result of the comprehensive nature of Asha’s 3 tiered health care program, a few health stats for 2019/2020 are as follows:

Antenatal Care Coverage: 100%

Institutional Deliveries or Deliveries by Trained Midwives: 100%

Babies born with normal birth weight: 91%

Babies breast fed within 6 hours of birth: 100%

Vaccination coverage for children under 5: 98%

Maternal Mortality: 0

Infant Mortality Rate: 13( India as a whole-56)

Under five Mortality Rate: 13 ( India as a whole-37)

( Statistical Tool used: Median)

(Mortality Figures for India as a whole are under reported by the Government of India)

These women are the real heroes of health care in our slums!'

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