Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: Asha works to get slum dwellers vaccinated as India experiences a massive surge of cases

Dr Kiran: “Hello everyone, Covid update from me:

There is a massive surge in cases all over India. There were nearly 300,000 cases in India, and over 29,000 in Delhi in the past 24 hours.

The hospitals both public and private, are absolutely full. It’s near impossible to get a bed.

There’s a huge shortage of Oxygen and drugs.

Moderate to severe cases are being advised to buy Oxygen Concentrators and follow treatment under the care of a physician through telehealth, at home. There is just no other option.

This variant is spreading far more rapidly and has demonstrated additional symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, hearing loss etc

Asha has instituted interventions on a war footing. The Asha teams are patrolling every lane and every street to ensure that each person is following Covid protocols. Double masking is being advised to all residents. The Asha team members and warriors are wearing N95 masks and other PPE.

Team members and Warriors are going from house to house with Pulse Oxymeters to detect Covid that requires more aggressive treatment.

Suspected patients are being taken or sent for RT-PCR Testing. That is also in crisis mode because labs are overwhelmed and reports are taking upto a week to get generated. We are relying more on Pulse Oxymeters and counting the Respiratory Rate. Any patient suspected of symptoms is asked to be isolated to the extent possible in a slum community.

We are gradually overcoming vaccine hesitancy. Every Asha team is in the process of forming good relationships with the staff at the local vaccination center. And this strategy is yielding great dividends. Lots of Asha residents are going with the Warriors daily to get vaccinated at the local Centre.

There is major vaccine shortage in India and in Delhi. The Asha Team is doing an excellent job of making sure that Asha community members get the vaccine in the midst of the shortage.

Thank you for continuing to support us and stand with us during this terrible crisis.

Here are some pictures.”

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