Asha distributes blankets to the elderly in the slums

Dr Kiran: 'Hello everyone, many thanks to all who have donated to Asha’s Care of the Elderly program coming up to Christmas. The elderly who are poor and abandoned in Asha communities need assistance at so many levels.

They find it difficult to maintain their body temperature in the cold weather, particularly because they live in poorly protected shelter. They already have a slow metabolism and muscle loss with age, which makes it hard for them to bear the cold. I have seen the elderly die of heart attacks because the cold air from the roof and sides of the poorly insulated shanty comes in and constricts their blood vessels, increasing their blood pressure. I have also seen them die of hypothermia. They can suffer from many other diseases due to a poor immune system.

We were able to provide soft warm blankets to all the elderly under our care, and they were delighted.

The Asha volunteers visit them everyday to make sure they are doing well. They receive groceries from Asha and all their health needs are taken care of as much as is possible at the Asha Community Clinic.'

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