Asha student Naaz looks forward to pursuing Journalism at Delhi University

Dr Kiran: ‘This is the story of Naaz Parveen who has scored 93% in her school leaving exams, and has found a place at Delhi University where she will be doing a BA Honours in Journalism! It’s a really hard program to get into.

Naaz’s father has been selling garlic on a cart in the lanes and by lanes of his slum community for the past 20 years. His barely makes 2 dollars a day or so.

Naaz has lived in one room with 7 other family members for almost all her life.

But there’s a wonderful side to this story. Naaz’s older brother is Jubair, who is an Asha alumnus and Ambassador. He has mentored and inspired his sister, who may have otherwise been married by now, had it not been for Jubair.

Many of you have met, and also inspired and helped Jubair through his own journey. I remember how thrilled he was when he got an internship at The Lodi Hotel through Liz. He has never looked back since.

Entire families and communities are being transformed, one step at a time, never to return to the poverty they have faced all their lives.’

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