Monthly Archives: April 2020

Asha caters to the severe malnutrition children in the slums

”Hello everyone, today onwards we have begun focusing on children under five years of age who are suffering from malnutrition due to food insecurity. The impact of malnutrition in this age group is severe. They can experience stunting, impaired mental growth resulting in impaired learning abilities in later life, serious and life-threatening childhood illnesses and…
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Loving wife takes care of paralysed husband with aid from Asha

Asha – Providing relief to the families in distress in the slums of Jeewan Nagar during the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19. The crisis posed by the deadly coronavirus affecting humanity has resulted in unprecedented problems across the country. To control the spread of the disease, the lockdown has been imposed across the country. Lockdown measures…
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Asha Community Health Volunteers provide medications to the sick in the slums

”Hundreds of sick patients finally get medications through Asha’s Community Health Volunteers. Expectant mothers, postnatal mothers and newborns are given special attention. Our CHV’s are well trained and seasoned through having provided primary care to our communities for years and years. They are sincere, compassionate, and provide good quality care at no cost. They are…
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