Loving wife takes care of paralysed husband with aid from Asha

Asha – Providing relief to the families in distress in the slums of Jeewan Nagar during the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19. The crisis posed by the deadly coronavirus affecting humanity has resulted in unprecedented problems across the country. To control the spread of the disease, the lockdown has been imposed across the country. Lockdown measures have resulted in acute economic and existential crisis, especially for the millions of poor people living in the slums of Delhi.

60-year-old A. Mahalingam, who stays with his wife Shanti in Asha’s Jeewan Nagar slum is paralysed on the right side and is unable to speak properly. He is bedridden and is looked after by his wife Shanti. Shanti also earns income for the family by selling snack foods from a corner shop in the community.

However, the emergence of Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown was a double disaster for the family. The shop, which was the only source of income for the family, was closed by the police and with a sick and ailing husband, Shanti had no place to go and no income to feed the family.

Facing a terrible crisis for existence, Asha corona warriors, who have been relentlessly helping the slum dwellers by creating awareness and sensitizing the residents on the disease, educating them on the safety and precautionary measures like hand washing, social distancing and staying at home, providing essential relief of food and other necessities to the needy, elderly and differently-abled, motivating and spreading joy during this period of gloom and distress, came to the rescue of Mahalingam’s family.

Asha’s brave corona warrior team went to Mahalingam’s house and handed food ration including wheat, sugar, oil, soap, and other necessary items to the family so that they can feed themselves during this period of distress. Asha’s team also cheered the family and told them that they are always there in case of any emergency. Asha’s Corona warriors are regularly helping such poor, needy, and elderly people in distress across all its slums in Delhi during the period of crisis.


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