Adversity to Ambition: Ritu’s Journey with Asha

Meet Ritu, a young girl from Sawada Ghevra, a neighbourhood in northwest Delhi. His father is a daily wage labourer, and her mother is a homemaker who takes care of all household duties. Ritu's family has been living in poverty since she was a young child.
Her parents had to relocate to Sawada Ghevra, which became their new home in a way, their expression for the future from Thokar number 8 when her home was demolished. The family still has bitter, haunting memories of those days camping on the road, having lost everything. However, Dr Kiran and Asha's team supported them in finding their new home at Sawda Ghevra, and in a way, they restarted their life.

Her father's health issues kept him out of work for many years, which resulted in financial hardship for the family. After completing her secondary education, Ritu decided to work part-time for an organization to support her family.
Ritu learned about Asha when she visited the Newly opened centre, where the students shared their experiences with her. Having received academic inputs, sample papers and coaching classes from Asha Ambassadors, Ritu made sure she gave her best result. With the support of the Asha team, she cleared her CUET entrance and secured college admission. Asha stood by her side despite financial obstacles, covering fees and other expenses. Today, attending college, Ritu gained new confidence in her life with new hope and possibilities.

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