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Asha brings Hope into the life of an old man of 75 whose spirit was broken due to adversity.

Crossing a narrow, dark lane in the Seelampur slum, you stumble upon an unplastered house that Jalaluddin has called home for the past 40 years. This 75-year-old man lives with his wife, three
daughters, and a grandson in an 8 by 8 feet bare room, dimly lit by a small bulb and cooled by a rickety ceiling fan. With no ventilation, the room is stifling. At night, Jalaluddin places a wooden plank on the stairs to create a makeshift bed, providing a glimpse into the harsh realities of his life.

Jalaluddin's life has been a relentless battle against adversity. Born to landless farmers in a small
village in Uttar Pradesh, he was thrust into labor at a brick kiln alongside his six siblings when he was just eight years old, forsaking any chance of education. By the age of 17, he was married, and soon,
he and his wife had seven children—five daughters and two sons.

The weight of responsibility forced his eldest son to Delhi in search of work at a young age. Despite Jalaluddin's fervent hope for a better life, financial hardships kept his children out of school.

The grueling hours at the brick kiln took a toll on his health, causing his vision to blur. A cataract operation at a village dispensary offered little relief, and the vision in his left eye continued to fade.

As their struggles intensified, the family sold everything and moved to Delhi to join their eldest son. Before leaving, Jalaluddin hastily married off his daughter at the tender age of 16. The family settled
in an industrial area on Delhi's outskirts, but their troubles were far from over. Soon after his son got married, he asked his parents to leave, unable to support the large family.

With his meager savings, Jalaluddin bought a small shanty in Seelampur and constructed a makeshift home from bricks and mud.

Jalaluddin and his younger son worked as laborers, but his deteriorating health soon rendered him unable to continue. Eventually, his younger son left after getting married, leaving the burden of
supporting the family on Jalaluddin and his wife. With no other skills, they turned to stripping wires at home—a hazardous job that earned them a paltry INR 100 (US $1.20) per day.

After his 18-year-
old daughter got married, she soon returned home with her three-year-old son after discovering her husband was an alcoholic and a drug addict.

The relentless wire stripping took a devastating toll on Jalaluddin's wife, leading to an untreated infection that cost her 90% of her vision.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Asha Ambassadors, while conducting house-to-house surveillance, discovered Jalaluddin's family on the brink of starvation. The Asha team immediately provided food, groceries and essential items, and Jalaluddin became a regular participant in our Love and Lunch

For him, the Asha center at Seelampur is a sanctuary where he can escape his agony and find solace among others.

A routine blood test at the Asha clinic recently revealed that Jalaluddin is diabetic. The Asha nurse practitioner began his treatment immediately. Asha continues to provide monthly groceries, and is helping him receive a full set of dentures at our dental clinic.

Despite his overwhelming hardships, Jalaluddin's spirit remains unbroken. He smiles and says he believes that God introduced him to his Asha family for a reason:
to give him enduring hope, love and resilience.

Jalaluddin’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the profound impact of the love and compassion of the Asha Team and the Global Asha Family that knows no bounds or barriers.

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