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“Asha’s Love and Lunch: Majeed’s Journey from Loneliness to Happiness”

Majeed, a seventy-eight-year-old man from Seelampur slum community left helpless and alone after his wife's passing and abandoned by his sons, found solace in Asha's 'Love and Lunch' program. Initially isolated and depressed, he was convinced by Asha's CHV, Praveen, to join the program, where he found a community filled with positivity and Joy. Now,…
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Joyful Reunion: Asha Alumni Reflect on Transformation and Empowerment

Last Saturday, when Delhi was overpouring with heavy rains, our Asha Alumni members turned it into a day of great enjoyment as they all had a get together. The occasion became a platform for everyone to go down the memory lanes of their association with Asha; for many, since childhood, for some during their secondary…
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