Spreading Love and Hope: A Lunch of Compassion and Support for Asha’s Poorest Communities

On 1st July, I invited some of the poorest people in the Asha communities for a meal. These people, due to circumstances beyond their control, were living in desperate financial poverty. The objective of this lunch was to convey powerful messages of love, hope, brotherhood, dignity and equality.

The Asha team heard their painful and tragic stories, holding the values in their hearts as they did so. Some had no one to take care of them in their old age; others had serious illnesses with no support; some had tragically lost their children and had gone into severe depression; others were trying to save the lives of their dying children; the stories went on and on. There were tears, but then also smiles of hope as the Asha team promised all support possible. After a delicious lunch that everyone enjoyed together, they were given grocery bags and sarees.

May we always remember them in their afflictions and their sorrows and be bearers of light and love to them all our lives.

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