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Rohit Pratak, Associate Vice President at Infosys in Sydney, is on a noble mission to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Asha.

Hello folks, Associate Vice President of Infosys in Sydney Rohit Pratak will begin his climb to Mount Kilimanjaro for Asha tomorrow! He is a friend of Sunil Lal who is a board member of Asha Australia. Thank you and best wishes, Mr. Rohit. Here’s a link to his just giving page:
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The Unbreakable Bond: A Journey of Dreams and Friendship

Farat and Nur Saba, two friends from Zakhira Slum, forge a path of determination, supporting each other's dreams amidst challenges. Nur Saba hails from a village in Bihar. Her parents had been availing of the health services at Asha's clinic at Zakhira since its inception in 2004. The clinic became integral to Saba's life, even…
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Joyful Reunion: Asha Alumni Reflect on Transformation and Empowerment

Last Saturday, when Delhi was overpouring with heavy rains, our Asha Alumni members turned it into a day of great enjoyment as they all had a get together. The occasion became a platform for everyone to go down the memory lanes of their association with Asha; for many, since childhood, for some during their secondary…
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