Joyful Reunion: Asha Alumni Reflect on Transformation and Empowerment

Last Saturday, when Delhi was overpouring with heavy rains, our Asha Alumni members turned it into a day of great enjoyment as they all had a get together. The occasion became a platform for everyone to go down the memory lanes of their association with Asha; for many, since childhood, for some during their secondary and senior secondary schooling. All were excited to share the transformation journey they could make with the support of Dr Kiran and Asha’s Team; many are employed in reputed corporate firms and companies. They were super excited to share how they manage life, balancing their work and family responsibilities and the happiness of getting good income that enables them to live in well-furnished houses compared to those small one-room shanties in their slums they lived with 7-8 that would leak during monsoons. The members who are yet to be employed gained inspiration from their seniors’ job-chasing journeys and the ‘never give up attitude’ coupled with their assurance to help them in job hunting.

All enjoyed the lunch, creating lighter moments followed by reading the ‘Asha Way of Life’ reinforcing everyone’s commitments towards the cause of Asha. These Alumni meets are becoming a occasion for our alums to recollect memories together!

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