Asha COVID-19 Emergency Response: PCR tests conducted in Asha Slum Communities

Hello everyone, I have started getting PCR tests for a sample of the population in certain communities, privately, at our own cost. So many people have colds and coughs, and the aim is to determine whether it is mostly Covid we are dealing with, or just a regular cold.

Samples are being collected by the private lab from our Asha centres. It’s impossible for patients to go all the way to govt hospitals and stand in long lines. Reports from the private lab will be available to Asha within 24 hours.

We will be getting PCR tests done for certain categories of patients who develop symptoms. The elderly, those with co morbidities, and so on.

Patients are filled with gratitude for this service at a time when PCR is really hard to get done free of cost and with this degree of convenience.

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