Dr Kiran Martin, Founder of Asha Society, addresses Slum Dwellers on Myths related to COVID vaccines

Hi folks, there are still a few people who are not willing to take the vaccine because of certain myths and superstitions surrounding the vaccine in India. Some of these are:

– men will become impotent or have erectile dysfunction- women will have infertility

– women will have irregular periods- mothers cannot breast feed their babies

– there is pig gelatin in the vaccine

– there is cow’s blood in the vaccine

– I have already got Covid, so don’t need the vaccine

– after taking the vaccine, I don’t need to wear a mask

– I will get Covid if I take the vaccine

There are lots of others. I have addressed their apprehensions and superstitions through a video I have made in Hindi. This video will be shown around in all Asha communities. My hope is that their fears will be allayed because of the trust they have in me and my team. If those who know Hindi would like to spread this information to others, you are more than welcome to do so.



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