Malnourishment and increased disease risk amongst girls and women – The pandemic effect

Hello folks, this message is about the very sad circumstances some young girls are during this pandemic. They have lost so much weight due to just not eating enough food and calories. We give groceries to entire families, but of course have no control over how they are used.

These girls are exhausted all the time, cannot concentrate on their studies and fall sick frequently. I was sad to see some of them falling prey to Tuberculosis due to greatly reduced immunity. The burden of household work and filling water and carrying it back home mostly falls on their shoulders. They are the last to eat, after feeding their entire family.

We call them to the Asha centres everyday for high protein laddoos and drinks, run a weekly clinic for them where we provide them with all essential vitamins and minerals, as well as treat their ailments promptly. One girl vomited out a ton of worms when we dewormed her. She had worms coming out of her nose as well.

They really struggle with going to the public toilet where there is voyeurism. They have no money for sanitary pads. We are giving them these feminine products regularly.

Here are some pictures of these girls and women. There are hundreds of them.



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